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A moment is the smallest amount of time.

Josefina Nelimarkka lives and works between London and Helsinki. In her multidisciplinary practice, expanded material and digital processes are activated by real time, site and interactive virtual technology. Her works investigate the materia, time and language as ephemeral spatialities; arts and sciences merge into fleeting experiences and interactive places relating to one another and proceed as constellations and parallels.

Time dissolving, words colliding, routes with numerous ends, imagined possibilities; notes and thought-forms of the speculative. Orientation, alignment and prediction are categories yet also strategies that hold the work to cease. The structure of the works is seasonal and influenced by information flows from atmospheric sciences, astronomy, microscopy and meteorology; research often involves collaboration with scientists and engineers. 

Transparency as the conceptual medium, durational projects and poetics arise from the multiple materiality of her experimental laboratory and focus on the interweaved experience between the physical, digital, textual and potential. Whereas a studio remains a proposing site for the praxis of taking notes, an exhibition opens up space to realise diagrammatic networks testing the limits of presence and perception.

Josefina Nelimarkka has graduated from MA Painting at the Royal College of Art in London, 2016 and MFA at the Academy of Fine Arts in Helsinki, 2017.  She holds a degree in BA Fine Art Painting from Wimbledon College of Art, University of the Arts, London.

In autumn 2018, she will be artist in residence at SPACE Art + Technology in London.

Her recent solo exhibitions are Kairos καιροσ at Helsinki Art Museum HAM Gallery (2018), Call, I shall listen at Fieldworks (2017), yonder x return at Clearview (2017), Between whiles that encounter at The Finnish Institute (2016) in London and Yet; predicted futurities tracked in poems at OK11 (2017) Precession (screensaver) at Sinne (2016) in Helsinki. Her works and books have been exhibited at Varbergs Konsthall, White Crypt, Lychee One, Ncontemporary, Centre for Recent Drawing, Flow Festival Helsinki, OFFPRINT 15 at Tate Modern and London Art Fair among other galleries and sites in Helsinki, London and Berlin.

All images and text © Josefina Nelimarkka & HAM